Wednesday, April 14, 2004

If i got a choice, i wun want to be a human on earth.
There is so much to think of, so much troubles, so many worries, so many things to do.

My best friend is with a guy whom like me before. I feel terrible, I don't want to see that guy anymore! He makes me feel he is just a desperate jerk! I introduce them on friday and they are together on that day itself. Fcuk him forever thats the only thing i want to say!

Before that they had met each other on my birthday, since than..friday is only the second time they met. After that he sent her home, than they talked near her house until 630am in the morning. Then they decided to be together. She say they talked their heartfelt thoughts and even cried to each other. And they started holding hands and hugging each other. HELL LAH. Fcuk man.

That jerk liked me for 1 year already, and i rejected him, becoz i don't like him. But I treat him as a good fren, a best guy fren rather. And i felt terrible because i'm jealous? yes..hell..I AM! but what rights do i have to be angry at them? i'm the one who rejected him? but does he have to be so quick to be with her and started behaving intimately?

Nobody understands me i guess.

I'M Angry and sad and disappointed. I don't know what i want..izzit just to study hard and get good results or get qiu yong to love me? i don't know

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